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Welcome to a company that knows it can. We are Viewlance Inc: Global in presence, thought, and action. We design some of the most beautiful prints in the world on our customer demand. We’ve been making them for now because we are new and still growing in textile industry. We love our work. We love our customers. Accomplishing what we want to do demands innovation. It is as vital to us as any other raw material in our industry

We are fiercely proud of influencing our industry towards more sustainable solutions. For that we thank our global partners who taught us to live and work in the fullness of our beliefs. If after reading what we have to say you feel we are like-minded, please call on us and become our partner. You’ll be in good company. Accomplishing what we want to do demands innovation. It is as vital to us as any other raw material in our industry

Bringing Function to fashion

When consumers choose apparel, they look for more than the latest designs. They want garments that fit right, feel comfortable, and are made for long-lasting style and performance.

Apparel & Advanced Textiles meets this demand by providing quality fibers and fabrics to many of the most influential fabric mills, garment makers, brands, retailers and designers in the world.

A producer and marketer of quality fibers and fabrics for intimate apparel, swimwear, activewear, ready-to-wear, hosiery, socks and many more textile products.

Apprael & Advanced Textiles

A supplier of intermediates, polymers and specialty materials used in a range of applications.


A supplier of premium fibers and materials for home interiors and textiles, protective fabrics, commercial interiors, automotive and industrial nylon applications.

performance solutions

A provider and supplier which transforms daily life through its innovations in the nylon, spandex, polyester and 100% cotton.

Transforms Daily life

Who is this company called viewlance inc? By definition, we are the mining of minerals and metals company and we are also designer and maker of textile products. By reputation, we are a company of ideas and courage. This is both our heritage and our future. We believed in the global potential of textile products and we built a company filled with the talent who could make that all happen. From mill to management and export to worldwide market, vision has always been the rule—not the exception.