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For over ten years, Viewlance Inc has been the leading supplier of sea salt harvested from pakistan. Viewlance Inc is a leading supplier of sea salt to the food manufacturing industry.  From crackers to soup, our growing portfolio of food grade sea salts is designed to meet your manufacturing needs.Business grew rapidly, and over the years viewlance inc acquired a number of other salt production facilities.

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Today, Viewlance Inc Salt produces, packages and ships salt for the following five major market segment applications: agricultural, food, water conditioning, industrial and packaged ice control. viewlance inc makes different kind of salt products/package sizes and markets national and regional brands, including household consumer food and water softener salt products and agricultural salts.

The Viewlance Inc salt business grew steadily, and company management was convinced that rock salt was a good fit for the company and began looking for opportunities to become a salt exporter.The company is a thriving salt business, supplying its local and national customers with tons of rock salt and premium ice melter formulations to safely maintain the precarious winter conditions of the snow regions.

a high-performance team and the people of viewlance inc are fundamental to this success story. From the miners and customer service representatives to the administrative staff and management team, each employee contributes to the company’s efficient mining process and enriches the workforce.

Viewlance inc is one of the leading salt marketers in the internatiomal market.

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Consumers are "demanding the sea salt" and carrying the trend over to the food products they purchase.  Consumers are showing a preference towards choosing food products with sea salt rather than the same products with regular salt.  viewlance inc is a leading supplier of sea salt to the food manufacturing industry.  From crackers to soup, our growing portfolio of food grade sea salts is designed to meet your manufacturing needs.

Salt is indispensable to a wide array of automotive, construction and electronic products, as well as to water treatment, food and health care.

The most abundant source of salt is from the ocean. The other major sources of salt are inland waters, salt domes and sedimentary deposits of salt located throughout the world. Salt is produced from seawater. The seawater flows through a series of ponds. Evaporation, due to the energy of the sun and assisted by the wind, results in the water becoming progressively more concentrated.  When this brine is saturated with salt (sodium chloride), it is pumped into crystallizing ponds (crystallizers) where further evaporation causes salt to crystallize as a solid deposit. The brine which remains after most of the salt has crystallized is called bitterns, and this is returned to the ocean.About once a year, each crystallizer is harvested by a mechanical harvester after 20 to 40 centimeters of salt has been deposited. The salt is washed to remove impurities and stockpiled for shipment.

Salt and its uses

There are many uses of salt.

Most people probably think of salt as simply a white granular food seasoning. In fact, only 6% of all salt manufactured goes into food. Apparently we use salt in more than 14,000 different ways from the making of products as varied as plastic, paper, glass, polyester, rubber and fertilisers to household bleach, soaps, detergents and dyes.

Everyone uses salt, directly or indirectly.

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The most familiar use of salt undoubtedly is in the kitchen and on the dining table. Salt accents the flavor of meat, brings out the individuality of vegetables, puts "oomph" into bland starches, deepens the flavor of delicate desserts, and develops the flavor of melons and certain other fruits. No other seasoning has yet been found that can satisfactorily take the place of salt.