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welcome to viewlance inc we are energy efficient and working on renewable energy. viewlance inc is growing with focus of development of innovative, efficient and sustainable energy generation solutions.

we are serving across the globe by exporting our products worldwide.


We offer products and services to help you save energy and money in your home, but more than that, we work to help you connect with us to build the energy future that you want to see. To see how you can get involved, please contact us.

product overview

Modern wind turbines fall into two basic groups: the horizontal-axis variety, as shown in the photo, and the vertical-axis design, like the eggbeater-style Darrieus model , named after its French inventor.



Horizontal-axis wind turbines typically either have two or three blades. These three-bladed wind turbines are operated "upwind,"

with the blades facing into the wind.

the wind is a clean and plentiful source of energy. wind turbines used to generate electricity come in a wide variety of sizes. large wind turbines which are

usually installed in clusters called wind farms, can generate large amounts of electricity. large wind turbines may even produce hundreds of megawatts (MW) of electricity- enough to power hundred of homes. small wind turbines, which are generally defined as producing not more than 100 kW of electricity, are designed to be installed at homes, farms and small business either as a source of backup electricity, or to offset use of utillity power and reduce electricity bills. largest wind turbine is 1650 kw it could generate power for  475 homes.

500 kw wind turbine could produce electricity for about 150 homes. 10 kw turbine could generate for one average household at a good wind site.

types of  turbines

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