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Viewlance Inc is an international, vertically integrated minerals and natural stone resource group. It is also a dimensional stone quarrying & processing company that deals in other minerals as well. It is specializes in quarrying & processing of marbles, granite. Onyx, travertine, & other semi precious stones and also engage in power generation project. Company produces a wide range of high quality products throughout its vertically integrated, international operations. The geographic locations of the Company’s key assets provide Viewlance Inc with a number of advantages. These include low cost production, low transportation costs by virtue of the Company’s core production assets being located within the radius of each other, and close proximity to key world wide markets.

Industrial minerals operations are organized in the Minerals Division, which operates on the market under the company name Viewlance Inc. The company develops, produces and markets mineral products for many different application areas and industries. The most important industries are construction and civil engineering, the automotive industry, and manufacturing of refractory materials etc.    


Viewlance Inc’s product portfolio includes many different industrial minerals. The core business revolves around a limited number of strategically selected minerals.The business strategy for selected minerals is based on control over the process from raw-material source to end user – “from mine to end user”. The division’s expertise in minerals, processes, applications and markets enables with other strategic business areas.

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Company covers major geographic business units and gives better capacity for efficiency improvement and a greater market presence.      Viewlance Inc is a leading diversified natural resources group,performing integrated mining,processing, and marketing operations.

A reliable resource for its owner and customers.

The company is constantly developing and aiming for the future.

High-tech minerals group with large-scale operations on a globally competitive market.

The strategic aim of Viewlance Inc is to create a world-class mining and proocessing company by achieving the positions in worldwide market.

The industrial minerals business broaden the company's product portfolio.

Viewlance Inc will grow with the customers to maintain a significant position, with the customers and in the market, to improve company’s long-term competitive advantage.







That Make Modern Life Work

finding, mining and processing  mineral resources

Our expertise

in technology

and marketing 

enables us to supply the right product,

at the right quality,

at the right time.

It is not only engage in mining and processing of one of most important natural resources but also engage in textile industry, chemicals and sea food production.